Donnerstag, Januar 28

ASOS sponsors America's Next Topmodel

Photos via ASOS- The Online Fashion Store
Today I checked the british Online Fashion Store ASOS and noticed these above picture. In this ad presents themself as the new sponsor for the famous Tv-Show America's Next Topmodel. Nice to know but what the hell does that claim mean: Tyra's back and she's as fierce as ever. Tune - in to Living at 9pm on Mondays for all the posing, pouting and house politics - and to see our shiny new sponsorship ads! Please give me your opinion about the ad and claim!

1 Kommentar:

  1. I am so disgusted with Angelea's disqualification that I am no longer going to watch this show. You might as well have disqualified the entire competition. Plus you could see it in Lisa's eyes and attitude. Who wants to be second best? This just showed how truly this show is!