Dienstag, Juni 30

My new BFF : Goodie Bag

Photos via STYLE TAXI

Finally I got my accreditation for Mercedes Benz Fashionweek Berlin.

When I picked my pass, I got an very stylish goodie: The Bree – Mercedes Benz Fashionweek Berlin bag!!!

Rie Cau from LEXPOSURE.NET written someday, that they only produced this year 1,800 goodie bags and now I’m so lucky that I got one. The silver sparkling bags comes with the pocket Mercedes-Benz Fashionweek Berlin guide, notebook, a lint roller, make up from Maybeline, water and a stylish Manolo Blahnik coca-cola light, hairstyle products from L’Oreal Professional, blister plaster and a candle holder from iittala. That’s what it takes to be my new best friend all goodies in one bag:)

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