Samstag, Juni 27


To give you just a PREVIEW about what happens next week on STYLE-TAXI.
From Wednesday to Saturday STYLE-TAXI presenting you the BERLIN FASHION WEEK DIARY.
Just to let you know my schedule for these beautiful and hectic days:

June 29, Monday: Press conference at Hotel de Rome with Julia Stegner, getting my PRESS pass;)

June 30, Tuesday: Pick up my B&B ticket at Columbia Damm

1 July, Wednesday: 10 am Schumacher, 1 pm LAC ET MEL, 2 pm Lena Hoschek, 6 pm Patrick Mohr, 8 pm GANT,9 pm ESCADA with my lovely friend Anne

2 July, Thursday: 12 am Anja Gockel, 2 pm Mongrels in Common, 4-6 pm PREMIUM exhibition, 8 pm Custo Barcelona

3 July, Friday: 10 am Michael Sontag, 2 pm Kilian Kerner, 3 pm GreenShowroom, visiting Bread & Butter, 8 pm Guido Maria Kretschmar, 9 pm Michalsky

4 July, Saturday: 10 am Starstyling, 4 pm DEANOOR, 8 pm Kai Kühne

So Ladies and Gents have a wonderful weekend!!!

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