Freitag, Oktober 23

arrey kono FashionShow at Rodeo-Club

Photos belongs to Style-Taxi
At wednesday evening Zeitgeist PR invited to the arrey kono fashion dinner show at Rodeo in Berlin. A couple of popular persons like Manuel Cortez, Peyman Armin, Massiv and Harris i saw at the show. I'm really lucky that i have the chance to see the show from arrey kono because there were a lot of trouble in the club and the whole people trying to get into the fashion show room.
Finally i made it through the crowd and saw some freaky dress all with a round emblem. Some of the models you may know from seasons of Germanys Next Topmodel. From my point of view Anne Kathrin Wendler known as Anni made the best at runway.


  1. Oh, du warst da? Ich bin nicht gegangen, weil Shows im Rodeo nie wirklich funktionieren und es einfach immer zu voll ist. Leider!

  2. Genau das durfte ich vorgestern am eigenen Leib erfahren. War einfach viel zu viel los!