Freitag, Oktober 16

Creativ Blogger Award

Hooray! I got my first Blogger Award. I would like to say THANKS to Miri from Miri's Castle and Meli from voller-stil. So here are my 7 things you don't know about me:
1. I like cats more then dogs and i have a silver tabby cat that called Kitty.
2. I love to drive my own car then taking the train.
3. I'm proud of my handbag from Gwen Stefanis LAMB collection.
4. My favourite movie is State of Play.
5. I own a tinkerbell necklace from Disney Couture.
6. I'm addicted to boots i have over 15 pairs in my shoe cabinet.
7. My cell-phone ringtone is Rich Girls from The Virgins.

I like to give the Creativ Blogger Award to Nadine from Nadineandthecity and Samira from All about Models. Now its up to you girls to tell your 7 things!

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