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Symposium Too Fashionable for Fashion

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Last night the german daily newspaper Tagesspiegel invited to the symposium: Too Fashionable for Fashion- How Berlin can be transformed into a city of fashion at the Babylon cinema in Berlin.
Guests were designer Michael Sontag, Karl Heinz Müller executive director of Bread & Butter, Leyla Piedayesh designer for Lala Berlin, Dirk Schönberger creative director of JOOP! and Michael Werner chief editor at the fashion business magazine TextilWirtschaft.
The discussion came somewhat slowly into the courses. Here are some pieces of them:

Is there actually a Berlin Fashion Style?
Leyla Piedayesh: By the globalization styles overlay, a typical Berlin Style doesn't exist.
Michael Sontag: We are all open minded and the own opinion is what it takes.

How many exhibitors are rejected from the Bread & Butter?
Karl Heinz Müller: I don't have an exact number now but i would say approx. 100-200 exhibitors. Because they must fit in the discipline which we set up like denim wear, casual, sport-street, streetstyle-urbanwear.

Quotations from the symposium:
Leyla Piedayesh: Fashion culture is not yet highly settled in Germany. We still needs solutions.
Dirk Schönberger: Fashion is a culture property.

At the end of the symposium they all came to a conclusion that the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and the exhibition Bread and Butter are a good result for the media industry but Berlin still needs to grow up as fashion metropol and that will take a few years.

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