Sonntag, Juli 12

Trip to Cala Estany

Photos via Guido Wien/Yachtbooker

Photos via Bernward Bleser/Kurt Schuster
So Ladies and Gents, i've been waiting so long for it and now i'm finally getting my summerholiday.
So for the next 14Days i'm sorry but there will be no posts on Style-Taxi but i like to share my pictures with you when i'm back in Germany. Here i come yearning for the sun!!!

Freitag, Juli 10

Michalsky Spring/Summer 2010

All Photos belongs to Style-Taxi
Damn! that evening on Friday 3 of July was that event, everyone knows about, defiantly it was: Michalsky at Friedrichstadtpalast. I couldn't count how many celeberties from press,tv,movie or politics were there but by the way i can tell that it was a huge venue and everyone who has a special name are mentioned on the guest-list.
So here are my Keywords for the show: economic crisis, work wear, flowerprints, cotton or silk, black, off-white, pale mit and pink, swarovski crystals on evening dresses, late twenties, Michalsky-Maharishi-Pants, Chrissie Morris, music by DJ HELL.
Congrats Michael Michalsky for that astonishing event venue.

VIP Attendencies at Guido Maria Kretschmer Show

Jenny Elvers-Elbertzhagen/Sara Nuru in Kretschmar/Thomas Hermanns

Manuel Cortez & Miyabi Kawai/Mandy from Monrose/Josefine Preuß in Kretschmar

Germanys Next Topmodels: Sara Nuru, Lena Gercke/Star-Coiffeur Udo Walz

Hubertus Regout
All Photos belongs to Style-Taxi
On Thurday i posted to you the Runway pictures and beautiful impression of Guido Maria Kretschmer Spring/Summer 2010. So that are my little VIP look inside.

Donnerstag, Juli 9

Live Guido Maria Kretschmer Show

These videos belongs to Style-Taxi

To give you a closer look about whats going on at Bebelplatz Fashion Week Tent!

Guido Maria Kretschmer Spring/Summer 2010

All Photos belongs to Style-Taxi
It is Thursday evening, the 3 July 2009 in Berlin and we have two incrediable Runways tonight: Guido Maria Kretschmar and Michael Michalsky. For these beautiful pictures i would thank Anne Walther for helping my out and be my personal assistant at BerlinFashionWeek 2010!. The Kretschmar Catwalk starts with an impressing ballad and showing a girl in a gowing dress with a hat we known from Escort horserace.
Here are my personal Keywords to the show:
blue, black, brown and creme beige, silk, chiffon, big hats, fleecier material, bikins, sexy shorts for men, a greyhound hits the runway(great idea), cocktail dresses, a good overview of the collection for sping summer 2010, feminine but still strong. Astonishing Catwalk!!

Mittwoch, Juli 8

Kilian Kerner Spring/Summer 2010

All Photos belongs to Style-Taxi
It is Lunchtime 2PM on Friday, July 3, right now and we order a Kilian Kerner Fashion Show!
This Catwalk impressed me with great understatement vocals from Mor La Peach.
When Kilian is calling a lot of celeberties sitting in front row, this time its:
Natascha Ochsenknecht, Matthias Schweighöfer, Joko from MTV Television, Manuel Cortez, Bianca Schumacher from Germanys Next Topmodels, Jenny Elvers-Elbertshagen.
Keywords to the show: Kilian Kerner 9th collection, sensuality, evening gowns, cocktail dresses, shirtdress, silk, leather, gold, green, white and black, rockabilly for mens, blue, black, grey and silver.
I like that cooperation with the musicband Mor La Peach that gave this catwalk a special touch!