Mittwoch, März 31

Cosmic Blossom Collection by Takashi for Louis Vuitton

Photos belongs Highsnobiety
Welcome back Takashi Murakami! The Japanese Manga artist, did designs already for Louis Vuitton. His new collection called Cosmic Blossom and contains Bags, Shoes, Shirts, Scarfs and Bikinis. The limited collection is available in store on 15 April 2010. Good luck for your pre-order!

Dienstag, März 30

TV Tip: Prêt-à-porter on Phoenix

Photos belongs to dpa
If you havened planed something yet and still have time today, then here comes my Tv advice for you. The reportages and documentation Tv Channel Phoenix presenting today two documentations about the world of fashion. The first one is called The world of models and is an movie by Babara Schepanek. The second documentation The Emperor's New Clothes, is a movie about a chanel dress. I hope that they show these documentations in the Mediathek in a few days, because I don't have time today to watch both movies.

Zu schön um wahr zu sein
Die Welt der Models

Ein Kleid von Chanel
Des Kaisers neue Kleider

Montag, März 29

Meet Stefan Eckert

Photos belongs to Style Taxi
The 30 years old fashion designer invited Anna from Kalinka and me to his store in Hamburg. We arrived at the beautiful store, which is although his atelier and meet Stefan. We had a little chat about his career and his first runway show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin. Afterwards I took some photos for the record, to give you some impressions of his store. And I can tell you now that Stefan Eckert will show in Summer his Spring/Summer Collection 2011 at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin.

Liv Tyler for G-STAR S/S Campaign 2010

Photos via G-Star
I really don't remember when I saw Liv Tyler, the daughter of Steven Tyler in an ad campaign. Maybe the last one I recognize was the Givenchy ad for the Parfum Very Irresistible. Good to see her back in the advertising world. She is now the new face for the denim label G-Star. The photographer Anton Cobijn shoot the actres and model for the new Sping/Summer Campaign. Good choice G-Star to choose a very feminin model and mother.

Freitag, März 26

Runway Shows at Vienna Awards 2010

I know it's a little bit to late but after a stressful even so exiciting week,
I finally uploaded the runway shows from Elfenkleid, Eva Poleschinski and Anelia Peschev. What is your favourite fashion show?

A simple clean white collection with playful details. For me it was unfortunately a little bit boring to only see one colour the whole show. It wasn't spectacular..

With a great material mix shows Eva Poleschinski her collection ep_anoui. I'm really impressed by the huge PVC train.

The avant-garde designer Anelia Peschev presented her new summer collection. On the runway the models donned beautiful masks. Elegant evening gowns with a touch of baroque were a little highlight at the Vienna Awards 2010.

Dienstag, März 23

Connections by LeBook

Photos via LeBook

Today & tomorrow LeBook invited the creative industry from worldwide to an get together in Hamburg at Deichtorhallen. It is a custom made tradeshow for Les Creatives. Tomorrow I will have a look at this event in cooperation with Fashion and Art Blogger Anna from Kalinka. I will made a review and share some impressions with you about what really happens there.

Wanna be a model?

Photos belongs to Panachemanagement

If you wanna be the New Face of 2010, then you have the chance to meet leading agencies from all over the world. The International Talent & Model Search is open for female contestants from the ages 12 to 22 and male contestants should be at the ages 15 to 25. On April 17 at 11 AM all entrants will be presented on the runway at Portage Place. So get your application here and good luck to you. Deadline for your entry is March 29th! Hurry up and take your chance.

Montag, März 22

Trend Défilé 2010 at Galeries Lafayette

On Friday evening, Galeries Lafayette showed a Trend Défilé for Autumn/Winter 2010.
Altogether they presented 95 Outfits in four different themes. The first theme was Technoid, the idea is a breakthrough between simple, geometrical, easy fashion and strong colours.
Second theme Voyage en couleur is a mixture from the 80s with all kind of ethnic fashion styles. Nouveau Preppy called the third theme of this runway show which showed the American way of live in the 50s with soft pastel shades. Last topic was Soirée here are things presented with a touch of glamour and lot of glitter. I picked up a few outfits for you. By they way neon tights are a truly horror for my eyes and definitively a No Go! So here we go.


En Couleur

Nouveau Preppy


Samstag, März 20

The Samsung Diva Cell Phone Check

Photos belongs Style Taxi
After a long wait the Samsung S7070 arrived at my home. Yes you heard right my Blog is one of the participants of the Samsung Diva Cell Phone check. The task was, to proof if this cell phone could fit into my daily life as a blogger. I didn't read the manual and started with my test. The Samsung S7070 comes in a feminine rose glitter box and even for beginner the usage is very easy. So here are my pros and cons for the Diva cell phone:

- The cell is very small and fits in every handbag or jacket pocket
- The swirly font made text messaging special, it reminds a little bit of writing a letter
- Applications for Twitter, Myspace or Facebook are preinstalled
- The application music cognition works perfect
- Capture photo is no problem with the Smile shot mode
- Recording songs from the radio
- SOS Messaging
- Fake Calls

- Using the touch screen is sometimes very difficult, because it didn't recognize your touch
- Applications are working very slow
- Mobile Internet
- The diamond button(Back button) didn't work sometimes

Style Taxis conclusion:
The Samsung Diva Phone is definitely a girlie phone. I couldn't imagine that boys or men would buy this cell phone because of the feminine touch. The S7070 is not comparable with a Blackberry, HTC or even iPhone. But if you want to have a good cell phone with many applications and a good price, this could be your next mobile phone.

Want more details? Then you should visit Flickr and Samsung Diva page or have a look at this video.

Freitag, März 19

Style Taxi got mail

Photo belongs to Style Taxi
Today I was very suprised because the postman brought me a package from Yves Saint Laurent. I opened it and found a letter, that says: We are pleased to inform you that you're one of the hundred lucky winners that received an exclusive recipient of YSL Spring/Summer 2010 Manifesto and tote bag. What a great day!

Donnerstag, März 18

Facehunter Book Reception in Berlin

Photos belongs to Style Taxi
Flora & Fauna Media invited yesterday evening to a Book Reception with Yvan Rodic also known as The Facehunter. I still arrived at the Glad I never store and was totally suprised but Yvan wasn't there. Half an hour later Mr. Rodic arrived at the building. Off we go, Yvan signed books, had funny interviews with Maria from Strytllng and Lara Maria from Belle On Earth. Ohh did I mentioned that I saw sweet Rolf Scheider, you maybe know him from Germanys Next Topmodel being a funny juror. Even I had the chance that Yvan signed a personal thing from me, what that is you will see tomorrow in my following post.