Samstag, Januar 30

Fashion Week by Berns 2010

Photo via Fashion Week by Berns
Style Taxi is once again on the road to cover for you the first and second Day of the Fashion Week by Berns at Stockholm. Yvonne Sörensen Björud, CEO Berns Salonger explains what the Fashion Week by Berns is all about: "Fashion Week by Berns features the most prominent Swedish designer shows, industry seminars, and special events. It all takes place under one roof – inside our 145-year-old entertainment complex, Berns Salonger. Therefore, Berns catwalk has grown into one of the most significant platforms for the future of Swedish design houses".

Strenesse Blue Autumn/Winter 2010

Photos belongs to Style Taxi
At Friday January 22, 2010 shows Gabriele Strehle her Autumn/Winter collection at Bebelplatz. VIP attendees were: Hannah Herzsprung, Jan Josef Liefers, Oliver Bierhoff and his wife, Christiane Paul and Sabine Christiansen. Here are my personal keywords for the fashion show: knitwear, knit caps, beige trenchcoats, down jacket, wool hooded-dresses and checked pattern. My résumé for that runway show is: all pieces of the range of goods are very wearable.

Freitag, Januar 29

Backstage Impressions Custo Barcelona at MBFWB 2010

Photos belongs to Style Taxi
At the Custo Barcelona fashion show I had the chance to get backstage. I thought they would be a lot of rush but wide off the mark all seemed to be very calm. It was quiet interesting what really happens backstage at a fashion show, hope the impressions help to conceive the whole atmosphere.

Custo Barcelona at MBFWB 2010

Photos belongs to Style Taxi
Custo Barcelona shows colourful prints and a wild material mix. The Autumn/Winter collection 2010 presents dag coats and boots in a variety of colours. In the front row you could find many celebrities like star-coiffeur Udo Walz, tv presenter Colien Fernandez and topmodel Franziska Knuppe. The fluffy coats are a big must have for this frosty winter. Only the winter boots that would be something that I would definitely not wear.

Donnerstag, Januar 28

Rena Lange at MBFWB Autumn/Winter 2010

Photos belongs to Style Taxi
Rena Lange shows her Autumn/Winter collection at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin on Thursday January 21, 2010. Here are some keywords for the collection:
Leather and Lace, Rock N Roll Romance, The moment where Day and Night cross over and blur together, tailored camel meets the velvet underground and a bourgeois rebel. I love this music there played at the show - Oldies but Goodies. Apropos Katrin Thormann Vogue Germanys favourite model made a perfect walk on the runway.

ASOS sponsors America's Next Topmodel

Photos via ASOS- The Online Fashion Store
Today I checked the british Online Fashion Store ASOS and noticed these above picture. In this ad presents themself as the new sponsor for the famous Tv-Show America's Next Topmodel. Nice to know but what the hell does that claim mean: Tyra's back and she's as fierce as ever. Tune - in to Living at 9pm on Mondays for all the posing, pouting and house politics - and to see our shiny new sponsorship ads! Please give me your opinion about the ad and claim!

Mittwoch, Januar 27

My heartfelt thanks to Arrondissement Aq1

Photos belongs to style-department
Today I received an incoming mail from style-department. They written: Dear Blogger-family, thanks for your great support before and after the fashion show from Arrondissement Aq1 and added some great backstage impressions that I wanna share with you! That is a great work for an pr-agency. Style Taxis says thanks to Christoph! By the way in the third picture you can see Maurizio Müller a fashion blogger chating with Christina Arend, designer of Aq1.

Dienstag, Januar 26

Anja Gockel at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin 2010

Photos belongs to Style Taxi
Anja Gockel presented at Thursday January 21, 2010 her winter collection called Treasures at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin tent at Bebelplatz. Her Key-Looks are creative business costumes, casual fake fur coats and skinny trousers with extravagant details. All in All the best performance was the 33years old supermodel Alek Wek her elegance rocked the catwalk.