Freitag, Februar 26

Prada Men Fall Winter Collection for 2010/2011

Jessie from LesMads annunciated yesterday that Prada is making a Live stream from Milano Fashion Week to showing her new Men/Women Collection for Fall & Winter. Very bad that I missed that Live stream but here comes the good news for all who didn't had the chance to watch it yesterday. Please have a look at these great two videos. Have Fun and Enjoy!

Donnerstag, Februar 25

Woman + Web 2.0

On 8 th March

Somewhere in the Internet
Woman ask Questions to Woman
What is your question?

Mittwoch, Februar 24

COS Spring/Summer Campaign 2010

Photos belongs to COS
The new Spring/Summer Campaign for 2010 by COS has arrived. So if you like the combination of black and white, there you go. I like to try on the black dress (Photo 1), we will see if it fits me right. I will keep you up to date in that case!

Omahyra Mota for Vixen Magazine

Photos belongs to Elias Wessel
The Dominican supermodel Omahyra Mota is the new cover girl of Norwegian magazine Vixen. The concept of the shooting is based on Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis. Elias Wessel photographed that cover including 4 spreads in New York. Omahyra Mota was dressed for that cover in a shoulder cage designed by Heather Huey. Along visualizing a kind of metamorphosis, the picture reminds me a little bit of the 80's.

Dienstag, Februar 23

Gretchen Actress Collection for Spring/Summer 2010

Photos belongs to mygretchen

Looking for the right evening bag is always difficult. Well, I made an extensive search through the World Wide Web and all of my fashion magazines. Finally I found a beautiful and not so heavy evening clutch by the German label Gretchen. The pictures above showing my favorite clutches from the actress Collection for Spring/Summer 2010. They come in different shades like bright red, violet, orange and of course black.
The actress clutch is available at the following online shops: Berlin Boheme & Not JustA Label.

Montag, Februar 22

Shopping Tour H&M Trend

After getting the YSL Manifesto Posters, I went straight to H&M Trend near to Memorial Chruch at Zoologischen Garten. I meeting my Fashion-Blogger Friend Anna from Kalinka...Kalinka , actually we wanted to try on the Sonia Rykiel Collection for H&M, but sawing these hysteric russian women, we run out of steam.

So we had a look at the H&M Trend collection, I don't know how many hanger I grabbed... so Anna and I head off to the dressing room. In the biggest room arrived, we tried on the new collection pieces from the H&M Trend collection. My heart is fallen for these cream and rose dresses!

Samstag, Februar 20

YSL Manifesto Totes in Berlin

Photos belongs to Style Taxi
This morning I find a little notice on the YSL Twitter side, saying: Join us at 10AM at the Brandenburg Gate. I looked at my watch and it is 11AM... Damn! Now I need to hurry up and drive to Brandenburg Gate. I arrived there but I didn't saw a promotion team that hand out these YSL Manifesto Totes. I was to late actually. Whatever I drive to Tautzienstreet, to have a look at Sonia Rykiel Collection for H&M, on my way there I couldn't believe it: I saw the street promotion team and they hand out the YSL Manifesto Posters, I didn't had the chance to get a Manifesto Tote bag but the beautiful big posters console myself a little bit. All in All an exciting day with a little bit of sunshine, because sun in this season we see not that often.

Freitag, Februar 19


Photos belongs to Ullsteinbuchverlage and K-MB
Helene Hegemann is only 17 years old and presents already her first novel called AXOLOTL ROADKILL. This Book is some kind a collage of dialogs, mails and text messages. The plot of this novel is a 16 years old first person narrator named Mifti, since her mother died three years ago, she lives with her older half siblings in Berlin. As a mentally disturbed kid that passed through a connivance of years, she experiences now a negative social movement. Tonight Helene Hegemann presents her book around 9.30PM at Tresor. I will have a chance today to go through that reading and receive my own impression.

Donnerstag, Februar 18

Famous Surrounding at Fashion Week by Berns

Yvan Rodic-Facehunter/Susanna Lau-Susie Bubble/Gunnar Hämmerle-Styleclicker
Photos belongs to Style Taxi

Fashionweeks and meeting famous people from the Online fashion world, that is something that belongs togehter. On my first Day at Fashion Week by Berns, I met Yvan Rodic after the fashion show from Dagmar at Berns Salonger. In the inside of the Mercedes Benz Pavillon at Kungsträdgarden, I saw Susanna Lau from Style Bubble seating in the first row at the Ewa i Walla fashion show. I real like to see the german photograph Gunnar Hämmerle from Styleclicker. It was very curious that I didn't saw somebody from the german press at Fashion Week by Berns.

Mittwoch, Februar 17

Interview with BelleonEarth

Lara Maria Gräfen is the Editor of BelleonEarth, a blog about fashion, art and music. In the beginning of her blog career she only wanted to share some Backstage pictures of her work as Dominik Laux assistant. Starting there, blogging created a whole new world for Lara.

How was it, working with Dominik Laux(Young Designer and Stylist)?
It was such a pleasure and honor working for Dominik. He was looking for a Styling Assistant and I wanted to earn some knowledge about the fashion industry.
What kind of experience did you gain during the internship?
During that time I learned a lot about how fashion productions work. I also had the chance to gain an insight of what happens behind a fashion editorial shooting. Now I really have a better sense of fashion.

Here are some impressions of her works as a Styling Assistant:

Lara, please say in your own words what makes BelleonEarth so special?
The important thing on my blog is that I accept public criticism which means that I don’t delete bad thoughts in the comments on my blog.
Blogger always have their favorite blogs, feel free and tell us your Top 5:
My favorite blogs, that I also have in my Blogroll and GoogleReader are:
- raben-schwarz
- The Selby
- Freunde von Freunden
- Vintage Jesus Fashion

Your favorite fashion labels?
- Chanel
- Burberry Prorsum
- Urban Outfitters
For the readers of a blog it is quite interesting, how long it takes to write a blog post?

That’s a really tough question. I can’t say it in general because sometimes it only takes seconds to find the right topic and there are other days I need 2 hours for one article.
It’s almost a little bit late to ask my last question but what are your goals for 2010?
First I need to buy a new digicam, because my old one has such a bad quality. My second aim is that I want to write more about arts and architecture, and I want BelleonEarth to become more artful.

Lara for Luna Mag
Thank you Lara, for having the time to talk about your blog. I hope all your wishes for 2010 come true. By the way Lara is working now for Luna Mag, a kid's fashion and family magazine.