Sonntag, Juli 5


Nadja Auermann interviewed from Sat.1 Television

Actress and Tina Schürmann/Petra Gerster in Celine/Katja Riemann and Minu Barati-Fischer

Nathalia Avelon in Lipsy/ ESCADA Lady/Anne Walther in Cos and Nadine Knobelsdorf
All Photos from STYLE-TAXI

Escada invited to an PINK PARTY at Berlins Bodemuseum.

They showed off a classy exhibition called: ESCADA – A View on Fashion 1978-2009.
Before the show crazy supporters from PETA, made sure that they not on the same coincident opinion.
Whatever! The exhibition turned out to be a great success for ESCADA because a lot of people from the fashion, acting and politician industry showed off and we enjoyed the great evening being in a pink mood;).

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