Freitag, Juli 10

Michalsky Spring/Summer 2010

All Photos belongs to Style-Taxi
Damn! that evening on Friday 3 of July was that event, everyone knows about, defiantly it was: Michalsky at Friedrichstadtpalast. I couldn't count how many celeberties from press,tv,movie or politics were there but by the way i can tell that it was a huge venue and everyone who has a special name are mentioned on the guest-list.
So here are my Keywords for the show: economic crisis, work wear, flowerprints, cotton or silk, black, off-white, pale mit and pink, swarovski crystals on evening dresses, late twenties, Michalsky-Maharishi-Pants, Chrissie Morris, music by DJ HELL.
Congrats Michael Michalsky for that astonishing event venue.

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