Donnerstag, März 18

Facehunter Book Reception in Berlin

Photos belongs to Style Taxi
Flora & Fauna Media invited yesterday evening to a Book Reception with Yvan Rodic also known as The Facehunter. I still arrived at the Glad I never store and was totally suprised but Yvan wasn't there. Half an hour later Mr. Rodic arrived at the building. Off we go, Yvan signed books, had funny interviews with Maria from Strytllng and Lara Maria from Belle On Earth. Ohh did I mentioned that I saw sweet Rolf Scheider, you maybe know him from Germanys Next Topmodel being a funny juror. Even I had the chance that Yvan signed a personal thing from me, what that is you will see tomorrow in my following post.

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  1. Haha der Rolfö war auch bei :DD wie cool
    Ich find da fehlen noch Fotos von euch beiden :)