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Vienna Awards 2010 - The Winners

Photos belongs to Style Taxi
After three hours of hoping and wishing the winners were finally announced. Sometimes they had a little bit of technical problems showing the videos and slide shows but it was not such a big problem. It gives me a pleasure to see that Kira Stachowitsch won the Award for Best Fashion Journalist. The crazy eye patch for Lady Gaga designed by Andreas Eberharter was of course honored with the Award for Best Embellishment.
So here is the list of the lucky winners at the Vienna Awards 2010:

Best Embellishment: Andreas Eberharter
Best Photography: Guenther Parth
Best Fashion Journalist: Kira Stachowitsch
Best Designer 2010: Thomas Kirchgrabner
the Go International Award: Marios Schwab
Best Stylist: Sabina Schreder
Best Hair Stylist: Wolfgang Lindenhofer
Designer Branding: Wendy & Jim
Best Makeup: Thomas Orsolis
Best Model: Iris Strubegger

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