Mittwoch, März 17

Vienna Awards 2010 - First Impressions

Robert Scherman, Maria Ratzinger, Julia Basagic/Michele Pauty, Eva Poleschinski/Vanessa Payerl

Photos belongs to Style Taxi
On Monday evening the Vienna Awards for Fashion & Lifestyle were presented at the Museumsquartier.
At that event all people from the fashion industry in Austria get together.
Nazan Eckez, a well known German TV-moderator was the host of the evening.
It was really nice to get to know the Austrian fashion bloggers like Maria Ratzinger from Stylekingdom, Julia Basagic from Fanfarella, Vanessa Payerl and Robert Schermann from Mr.Strictly Intimate. The Vienna Awards offered fashion shows from Eva Poleschinski, Elfenkleid, anelia peschev and Don Gil, which were presented between the bestowels. I will share with you the runway picture and the winner of the Vienna Awards in the next post.

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