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The Samsung Diva Cell Phone Check

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After a long wait the Samsung S7070 arrived at my home. Yes you heard right my Blog is one of the participants of the Samsung Diva Cell Phone check. The task was, to proof if this cell phone could fit into my daily life as a blogger. I didn't read the manual and started with my test. The Samsung S7070 comes in a feminine rose glitter box and even for beginner the usage is very easy. So here are my pros and cons for the Diva cell phone:

- The cell is very small and fits in every handbag or jacket pocket
- The swirly font made text messaging special, it reminds a little bit of writing a letter
- Applications for Twitter, Myspace or Facebook are preinstalled
- The application music cognition works perfect
- Capture photo is no problem with the Smile shot mode
- Recording songs from the radio
- SOS Messaging
- Fake Calls

- Using the touch screen is sometimes very difficult, because it didn't recognize your touch
- Applications are working very slow
- Mobile Internet
- The diamond button(Back button) didn't work sometimes

Style Taxis conclusion:
The Samsung Diva Phone is definitely a girlie phone. I couldn't imagine that boys or men would buy this cell phone because of the feminine touch. The S7070 is not comparable with a Blackberry, HTC or even iPhone. But if you want to have a good cell phone with many applications and a good price, this could be your next mobile phone.

Want more details? Then you should visit Flickr and Samsung Diva page or have a look at this video.

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  1. i am thinking about if I buy it or not :P
    it looks definately great :)