Montag, März 22

Trend Défilé 2010 at Galeries Lafayette

On Friday evening, Galeries Lafayette showed a Trend Défilé for Autumn/Winter 2010.
Altogether they presented 95 Outfits in four different themes. The first theme was Technoid, the idea is a breakthrough between simple, geometrical, easy fashion and strong colours.
Second theme Voyage en couleur is a mixture from the 80s with all kind of ethnic fashion styles. Nouveau Preppy called the third theme of this runway show which showed the American way of live in the 50s with soft pastel shades. Last topic was Soirée here are things presented with a touch of glamour and lot of glitter. I picked up a few outfits for you. By they way neon tights are a truly horror for my eyes and definitively a No Go! So here we go.


En Couleur

Nouveau Preppy


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  1. lieb von dir, danke =)

    die klamotten die vorgeführt wurden, sind eher mittelmäßig, aber die models sind sehr hübsch!