Freitag, Februar 12

At Dorothee Schumachers Fashion-Boudoir

Photos belongs to Style Taxi
On Wednesday midday I had the chance to visit the Fashion Boudoir from German designer Dorothee Schumacher. This event is a part of the Guerilla Couture, where Schumacher shows at secret locations all over the world there current Summer Collection for 2010. For that Shopping-Date I get a personal Stylist. She was my guide for this day and shows me all the different collections for this summer and creates some Spring/Summer looks for me. In my next post, I like to show you some of these outfits. After I saw all these feminine looks, I asked myself where is the summer ?

Apropos special thanks goes to Modepilot, who wrote an article about the chance to get a personal invitation for Schumacher Guerilla Couture.

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