Mittwoch, Februar 3

Beckmans XV- Dante´s Inferno/ Machine/ Cut-Up

VII- Dante's Inferno by Viktor Hjertén
This is just hell. Let it burn baby, let it burn! Please keep an eye on these crazy shoes.

VIII- Machine by Maria Jenjé Lundqvist
Maria Lundqvist explains her fashion called Machine so: I have worked with leather as my basic material and focused on clothing for the upper half on the body. Here I am presenting primarily different takes on the classical leather jacket.

All Photos belongs to Style Taxi
IX- Cut-Up by Ellinor Kellner
By cutting up comparatively classical silhouettes and garments and rearranging the component parts, Ellinor have attempted to create a collection with sharp contrasts and unexpected combinations of materials. The typical male silhouette has been coupled with traditional feminine forms.

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  1. Pretty music! :)

    I really like the orange explosion of prints, sparkle and leather. Great coverage. :)