Mittwoch, Februar 10


Photos belongs to Style Taxi
On the second day of my journey at Stockholm. I visit the IBEYOPRSTUDIO, regarding to my Fashion Week by Berns schedule. I thought they would be a offsite fashion show but I was wrong. There should be an interview opening with a Swedish designer at midday but I went there at 11 AM, like my follow up chart says. Anyways, I get to see the upcoming Kate Moss designs for Longchamp handbag line and fallen for that Swedish interior that I want to share with you. The Ibeyostudio was founded in January 2004 by Lotta Lunquivst. Clients at the showroom are: April 77, Bruuns Bazaar, BZR, David & Martin, Fredericia Furniture, Lick my Label, Longchamp and Sandra Backlund to name just a few brands.

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