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Beckmans XV- nd/ Melonia/ Photoshop Disasters

nd by Isabelle Lundh
Ham a son of Noah founded in mythology the Kingdom of Kithara. On crossing the Nile as nomads their religion and language fell from wisdom, they pulled out their front teeth like the natives and forgot their names. The Hamitic Family is actually a dated name and a group of tribes with roots in Africa. Isabelle says that she found in these her inspiration, the bejewelled man.

Melonia by Naim Josefi
Naim explains his designs so: I have created a futuristic collection that visualises an ideal society.
The silhouette symbolises the need for mutual respect and cooperation, while the collection as a whole radiated a strong opimism and a genderless, unprejudiced way of thinking. These collection caught my eye at the Beckmans Fashion Show, defintely not wearable but just something different.

All Photos belongs to Style Taxi
Photoshop Disasters by Tove Jansson
Tove says about her fashion line: Anything is possible in the ideal digital world. But sometimes, this ambition to attain one's personal image of perfection is too high, and the image is distorted into something that bears no resemblance to reality and a Photoshop Disasters is born.

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