Donnerstag, Februar 18

Famous Surrounding at Fashion Week by Berns

Yvan Rodic-Facehunter/Susanna Lau-Susie Bubble/Gunnar Hämmerle-Styleclicker
Photos belongs to Style Taxi

Fashionweeks and meeting famous people from the Online fashion world, that is something that belongs togehter. On my first Day at Fashion Week by Berns, I met Yvan Rodic after the fashion show from Dagmar at Berns Salonger. In the inside of the Mercedes Benz Pavillon at Kungsträdgarden, I saw Susanna Lau from Style Bubble seating in the first row at the Ewa i Walla fashion show. I real like to see the german photograph Gunnar Hämmerle from Styleclicker. It was very curious that I didn't saw somebody from the german press at Fashion Week by Berns.


  1. so cool, i'm jealous



  2. What do u think about Fashion week in Stockholm??? I was there in Aug n write for Aftonbladet.. didnt see anyone from German newspaper ether... :/ Xx