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Evolving Influence - Live Fashion Blog Conference

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Every year the team from Independent Fashion Bloggers arrange a Fashion Blog Conference, in the course of New York Fashion Week, they invited fashion bloggers from all over the world. Unfortunately I can't make it around there but this is not such big problem. Because there hosting a Live Stream today from 10AM to 5:00PM EST. For that conference they invited famous fashion bloggers like Tavi Gevinson, Susie Bubble, Bryan Boy and Amed from Business of Fashion. IFB presents a conference for fashion bloggers to discuss where we go from here.

Topics at the Evolving Influence Conference are:

Fashion Blog Marketing Workshop
Learn how the pros promote their sites. The experts will guide you through various strategies to build your readership.

The Business of Blogging
In this panel — brought to you by Style Coalition you’ll get expert advice on the business of blogging from those who’ve made careers in the blogosphere, as well as those who work with bloggers on a daily basis.

Navigating Blog Ethics
Get the scoop on ethics, lessons learned and how bloggers cope in the ever-changing media landscape.

The Future of Fashion Blogging
Getting past the hype … Many of today’s great fashion bloggers started out with a passion and an obsessive nature. Now, some are them are seated front row and featured in the press. Do the news stories give a distorted view of “overnight” success? What happens tomorrow?

Here we go to the IFB Live Stream for Evolving Influence:

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  1. Ich bin nicht Jurymitglied ich bin Teil des Bloggerteams von Benetton.. deshalb darf ich mitmachen !