Dienstag, Februar 2

Beckmans XV- Testostorone/ Melt / Atmospheric Pressure for 2010

I- Testostorone by Martin Aaslund
Testostrone is based on the body-building culture, pumped up anabolic volumes, sweat marks and well oiled bodies. Martin Aaslund said: The focus of my exploration of a new male ideal, a homage to masculine sensuality.

II- Melt by Frida Seth
The Melt collection is a play between contrasts and materials. Everything melts and disperses. A sequence. A movement. A feeling. A continuous ongoing transformation. I love these fringes!

All Photos belongs to Style Taxi
III- Atmospheric Pressure by Madeleine Vintback
The characteristic of being caused by variations in atmospheric pressure are storms, typhoons and hurricanes. Ms Vintback says about her line: In an era where our climate is growing increasingly unreliable, these phenomena are becoming more frequent and this prompted me to take the dynamics of these forces as the starting point for my creations. I'm so proud of the model with the huge black-silver plateau boots that she didn't slip and fall.

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