Samstag, Februar 13

Bad Taste meets High Class

Photos via Aqua Berlin
In Berlin City we don't really celebrate carnival like Cologne. It is a real pity, then I really like to masquerade myself. Fortunately we love to party in Bad Taste Style, so I really have the chance to dressing up in a freaky look. My theme for today is Back to 80's. So if you haven't got a clue what you should do tonight my party tip for today is the Bad Taste meets High Class Party at Aqua Berlin. It doesn't matter if you wearing jogging pants from your grandpa, a fancy vintage outfit or an elegant suit. The mix is what it takes. Music for this evening is powered by Viberaiders and 2RadMechaniker. Smells like Funk with a touch of Electro Music!

Like to listen to some tunes the Dj's playing tonight?
Then just have a click at Viberaiders or 2RadMechaniker.

Now I really need to find my turquoise tights;) See you!

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