Freitag, Februar 19


Photos belongs to Ullsteinbuchverlage and K-MB
Helene Hegemann is only 17 years old and presents already her first novel called AXOLOTL ROADKILL. This Book is some kind a collage of dialogs, mails and text messages. The plot of this novel is a 16 years old first person narrator named Mifti, since her mother died three years ago, she lives with her older half siblings in Berlin. As a mentally disturbed kid that passed through a connivance of years, she experiences now a negative social movement. Tonight Helene Hegemann presents her book around 9.30PM at Tresor. I will have a chance today to go through that reading and receive my own impression.


  1. Ive read that she has copied some parts from other books and wrote it EXACTLY in the same words they did..

    she copied so much.



  2. Exactly that fact, is what catches my point of interest in this case. We will see what happens tonight.